Continuing to rely on a manual component would not affect Jet Token’s goals, but it would mean the platform retains a broker-like element. This limits its speed and accessibility compared to mainstream travel booking platforms such as Expedia. The ongoing Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Primary, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.

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Before aviation, George spent a decade as a successful investment banker in the transportation industry group of Merrill Lynch. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School . As a more general matter, use of blockchain technology will enable us to deliver service in exchange for payment or, if issued, upon redemption of Jet Tokens, on evenings, weekends and holidays when banks are closed. We anticipate that we will also be able to deliver services on a same day basis against payment. This travel may not have otherwise taken place, for want of payment technology. Other forms of payment may not clear on the same day or could be delayed if exceeding a client’s credit card limit.

Jet Token aims to revolutionize the private jet industry in a period of record demand, empowering any traveler to look, book and fly on any aircraft right from the palm of their hand. They have arranged $40mm of equity financing and reserved NASDAQ ticker “PJ.” The equity financing is unrelated to this ongoing Reg A+ offering and would become available to the company in the event it goes public. Until Jet Token, one convenient mobile application for booking private flights, trading, or selling aircraft time, and connecting private flights with commercial flights had never been possible.

Our ability to sell our product or service may be adversely affected by changes in government regulation. Our business is subject to significant regulation by the FAA , the TSA as well as “know your customer” obligations and other laws and regulations. The laws and regulations concerning the selling of our product or services may change and if they do then the selling of our product or service may no longer be possible or profitable.

We’ll have to wait and see how Jet Token improves on private flights and time-share models, but many investors are optimistic. Right now, private aviation is fragmented when it comes to booking travel. Jet Token has not released its solution yet, so it’s hard to tell how exactly it will address some of the main issues with both private aviation and time-share models. Jet Token has already raised $11 million through a funding campaign supported by over 30,000 investors and thousands of users who want a private jet membership. Then enter your flight details so that you can search for jets that are available and their current pricing of those jets.

Days Left in Jet Token’s Reg A+ Offering

That being said, understanding how the platform works may be key to really understanding why Jet Token stock might be a smart investment. Anna-coulby — Please be very careful as there are fake bitcoin mining/clouding out there, lost my money with 3 seperate scam crypto investment companies and I can… Wanted to know how the future cryptocurrency prices would grow if we used the price gains of the leading social/technological innovations like Facebook, Smartphones, Data, etc.? Our forecasts here could give you some pointers on the potential future of these innovative technologies.

Thakran, who will be on Wheels Up’s board, will help advise the company on overseas expansion and forming partnerships for VIP events and experiences to help it become more of a global travel and lifestyle brand. Wheels Up has had success marketing exclusive access to major sporting events and boasts a roster of celebrity athletes as brand ambassadors. The deal marks a validation for Dichter, a high-octane entrepreneur who started selling T-shirts to fellow students at the University of Wisconsin and went on to create Marquis Jet, which was later sold to NetJets. Starting in 2013 with a membership model and fleet of King Air turboprops, Dichter aimed to topple the aviation industry from its elitist and inaccessible perch to serve a broader mass-affluent market.

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Primarily, Vietnam could be the next big outsourcing hub, and not just for manufacturing jobs. Certainly, the novel coronavirus pandemic and the resultant economic pressure isn’t doing this situation any favors. By pooling together, Jamestown can invest in viable properties, generating income. Later, those properties can be sold, with the goal of making money for investors. To get started, Hylete has an equity crowdfunding offering with a minimum investment of $500.

During the first four months of 2022, we have sold 295 prepaid flight hours, representing approximately $1.6 million of unearned revenue, which will only be booked as revenue once the flight hours have been used or forfeited, as discussed above. Our booking platform displays a variety of options across private aircraft types in addition to the pricing of our own aircraft, with a range of prices drawn from a list of thousands of aircraft for hire. We intend to offer instant booking in the future and today already offer users the ability to request a jet and simultaneously task us with seeking a lower-cost alternative.

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The terms of the agreement specify that $250,000 of this amount shall be considered nonrefundable. During the year ended December 31, 2021, $250,000 of this amount was applied to the lease maintenance reserve required under the aircraft lease discussed in Note 5. The Company presents basic loss per share (“EPS”) and diluted EPS on the face of the consolidated statements of operations. Basic loss per share is computed as net loss divided by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding for the period.

  • Digital assets such as our proposed Jet Token, depending on their structure and rules of use, may be considered a security and the issuance and sale may be subject to registration under the Securities Act.
  • Investing in Jetcoin, JET will purely depend on your personal risk appetite.
  • Through blockchain technology, the company is creating a transparent, secure, and potentially lucrative opportunity to invest in an industry that contributes$200 billion to the US economy.
  • Generally, these third-party air charter service providers provide updated information on a daily basis and we do not expect them to deviate from their current business practices in their cooperation / collaboration with us.

The JetToken platform is growing rapidly, and the platform has already partnered with a number of major merchants in the travel industry. The platform is also growing its community of users rapidly, and the team is committed to providing a high-quality product. There are many pros and cons to consider when evaluating this cryptocurrency. The TKN token is a safe investment for the future, as it has a strong potential to grow in value.

Wait for a Jet Token Stock IPO?

Our actual results could differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Unless otherwise indicated, the latest results discussed below are as of December 31, 2021. Jet Tokens may only be redeemed by our clients who have a wallet on our platform and are subject to these identity screening requirements.

All inquiries regarding this or escrow should be made directly to the company. Such additional series of Preferred Stock may be subordinated to, pari passu with, or senior to the Series Seed Preferred and/or Common Stock, including with respect to liquidation preferences, dividends and/or approval of matters by vote or written consent. We estimate our breakeven point for our 3 HondaJet Elites at 427 hours per year at our presently negotiated cost structure and currently estimated ongoing operating costs. While we hope to reach that level of utilization within the first year following delivery of the aircraft, to the extent that we do not, we may need to raise additional capital to continue funding our operations.

Private jet charter hours, a key measure for our sub-segment of air travel, dropped sharply in mid-March but have steadily risen since that time. For example, hours flown in the two-week period that includes the last week of June and the first week of July are only down 10% vs the same period in 2019. We suspect that those who can afford it are flying private to avoid infection, and that travel by these new flyers, alongside returning flyers, has accelerated the rebound in charter hours. Our operating partner, Gama Aviation, runs the largest open fleet of private jets in the U.S.

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So if you’re interested in learning everything you can about this unique new business idea, make sure to keep reading. The most important feature one can deliver in private aviation is safe, guaranteed capacity on demand. No one needs another charter broker without assets to facilitate customer orders. There are an estimated thirty-five days a year, including holidays and big sporting events, when it is nearly impossible to instantaneously charter a private jet. In addition to being available for members, our own fleet of HondaJets may allow us to offer a charter customer an alternative in the event a third-party operator booked through our app cancels a reservation at the last minute.

Calvaria Token Price Prediction 2023 – 2030: Will RIA Explode?

As of December 31, 2021, there was approximately $9,089,000 in unrecognized stock-based compensation, which will be recognized through December 2024. In connection with this leasing arrangement, the Company agreed to pay an arrangement fee of $70,500 to a separate third party. This amount has been capitalized within other assets in the accompanying balance sheet and is being amortized to lease expense over the term of the lease. The Company also entered and executed an Aircraft management and charter service agreement. The Company made an operating deposit of $50,000 into a segregated operating account as part of the service agreement.

This is being developed to provide a time-share model for private jet travel. And the fact that the private jet charter market has been making a recovery due to the decreased risk of infection, makes this a great time to invest. Fight Out intends to solve the problem by offering a reward program that allows users to earn money while they get fit. Like every other web three platform, Fight Out’s ecosystem exists on blockchain technology. The apps are standalone and exist on the creators’ server, but the reward system and utility token all exist on the blockchain. The above Calvaria price predication indicates that calvaria seems like a decent crypto investment, but you must watch market news closely.

Will Trade Token crash?

That same travel plan, broken down into a first-class commercial ticket from London to Los Angeles, and then a private jet flight from LA to that smaller city, might cost only 15% of the fully private direct option. Business jet charter operators logged over a million landings in the US during 2019 and today, the demand for private jet travel has risen 20% above pre-pandemic levels. Jet Token is revolutionizing the private jet industry and empowering travelers to conveniently Look, Book and Fly on any aircraft right from the palm of their hands. According to 9 Wall Street analysts that have issued a 1 year JBLU price target, the average JBLU price target is $12.22, with the highest JBLU stock price forecast at $22.00 and the lowest JBLU stock price forecast at $9.00.


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